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Removing Unwanted Odors From Your Business

Leave a positive impression with clients who visit your establishment with a fresh, clean scent throughout your property with ODOR SOLUTIONS INC. Throughout Northeast Ohio we help businesses thrive by removing any lasting odors in the area. Our mobile odor treatment technologies are ideal for vehicles and residential properties as well. No matter where an odor may be, we'll find it, and remove it.

Clean Office


Permanently resolve any lingering office smell issues, and improve the work environment and overall indoor air quality for your employees and customers. This keeps important clients and business partners satisfied while working with you.

Property Management

Convert your distressed or unpleasant inventory into revenue generating units. We reduce the need for sealants, painting, and cleaning expenses. We salvage your carpet, allowing it to last longer.


Quickly convert guest rooms without unnecessary cleaning expense for carpets and upholstery. Our commercial cleaning eliminates difficult or lingering odors from water damage, smoking, pets, and biohazards.

Private Gyms and Clubs

Provide your members with a cleaner, safer workout and training environment. Reduce the risk of surface to skin transmission of viruses and bacteria on high contact surfaces such as weight benches, bike and elliptical handlebars and saddles, gym mats and sinks and countertops. Dramatically reduce locker room odors and improve overall indoor air quality.–


Statistically reduce the likelihood of surface to skin infections in your facilities, especially athletic areas such as wrestling mats, training tables, and weight benches. These areas are most often identified as high-risk surfaces for harboring staph infections, such as Impetigo and MRSA.


Ensure people who are dining at your establishment aren't offended by foul odors. We make sure your guests only get to smell the aroma of your delicious food.

Student Housing

Reduce the amount of time your facilities and maintenance personnel devote to cleaning dorm rooms, residence hall common areas, and student apartments during semester transitions and traumatic events.

Child Day Care Facilities

Eliminate lingering odors and bacteria by providing a protective, long-lasting antimicrobial barrier on high use surfaces, such as tabletops, chairs, flooring, mats, and toys that are a source of transmission of viruses and bacteria. Our BIOSWEEP™ 
services provide a proactive layer of defense when integrated with your daily custodial practices and statistically reducing the likelihood of viral and bacterial outbreaks through contact with contaminated surfaces.

Facilities Management

Provide a cleaner, safer environment for your personnel and visitors, especially in high contact areas. Several areas include employee workout or locker rooms, meeting rooms, restrooms, and high-traffic areas in the workplace.

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